Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

  • Three Ways To Design A Deck That Will Stand Up To Time

    There is nothing wrong with the "she'll be right" attitude, and Australians are well known for getting things done using this mantra. However, when it comes to the design phase of your new deck, you're going to need a little more than "she'll be right" if you want your deck to make it past the first few days of summertime entertaining. The design is critical to your deck's success, so consider these three different ways you can create one that will be a bonus to your home and not a bust!

  • How to create a rustic look in a modern property

    It's easy to see why charming old cottages and cabins are so popular amongst home-buyers. Many people love the vintage aesthetic and inviting ambience that these properties tend to have;  features like exposed beams, open fireplaces and stone walls all help to create a wonderfully cosy, old-world atmosphere. However, character properties often come with a very high price-tag. If you can't afford to buy this type of house and would like to create a rustic vibe in your current modern property, here are some tips on how to achieve this look.

  • Premature Greys: How To Prevent Outdoor Teak Furniture From Greying

    Teak is rightly prized for use in outdoor furniture, with its outstanding natural resistance to inclement weather, intense sunlight, mould, mildew and other damaging natural processes. Because of this natural durability, teak outdoor furniture can last for many years with minimal maintenance -- however, it will not stay looking new. Teak tends to lose its colour as it ages, especially in outdoor conditions, and old teak tends to take on a muted, silvery-grey colour.

  • Getting Back into the Kitchen: How to Renovate Your Kitchen to Relieve Back Pain

    Cooking can be a real struggle when you have a bad back. From bending down to get that saucepan from the cupboard to stretching up to reach the top shelf of the spice rack, there are a whole series of stresses and strains lurking in your kitchen. However, help is at hand, since just a few alterations could make a world of difference. If you are renovating, follow these simple steps for a back friendly cooking space.

  • Tips to Prolonging the Life of Your Persian Rug

    When some people consider Persian rugs, the first thing that comes to mind is carpets that require careful handling. The truth of the matter, though, is that Persian rugs can be quite durable if maintained properly. You do not have to treat your Persian rug like fine china to keep it pristine and attractive. However, neglecting your Persian rug could lead to it deteriorating before its time. The following are some of the maintenance tips that you could use to prolong the longevity of your Persian rug.

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Upgrading our curtains

We have just bought a new house, and the guy who lived here before us smoked in the house for close to 40 years. The first thing I knew we had to change as soon as we moved in was the curtains, because I can't bear the smell of stale smoke. I looked around at a few different options and settled on some beautiful cream curtains with a delicate pattern and a blackout backing so that the dawn doesn't wake me each morning. This blog explains some different stylish options for window coverings for your home, including curtains and blinds.