Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Why a Queen Sized Bed May Be Your Best Choice

by Felecia Banks

Are you wondering about the best bed size for the master bedroom in your new home? Read on and discover why a queen-sized bed may be a better option than a king-sized bed.

Space Economy

A queen-sized bed is smaller than a king-sized bed. Consequently, the queen-sized bed may be a better choice for you in case your bedroom is relatively small. This is because the queen-sized bed will leave ample space for the other bedroom furniture, such as a lampstand next to the bed.

Ease of Movement

A queen-sized bed is also easier to move in case you would like to remodel your master bedroom. You can also easily flip the queen-sized mattress so that it wears evenly. A king-sized mattress is harder to flip because it is wider and heavier than that queen-sized mattress.

Ease of Finding Beddings

It may be quite easy for you to find suppliers of queen-sized beddings in your area. This is because the space economy and ease of moving the bed makes it a popular choice for many homeowners. That popularity gives suppliers the impetus to stock beddings that go with that size of bed. It will therefore be easier to find beddings in different styles and designs to suit your specific tastes.

Beddings for king-sized beds may be harder to find because the large size of this bed makes it a less desirable option for people who would like their bedrooms to have ample space around the bed. Thus, suppliers may be reluctant to stock beddings for this large size of bed. Styles and designs of available options may therefore be limited.


Another reason why you may be better off buying a queen-sized bed is its affordability. These beds are generally more affordable than king-sized beds because they require fewer materials to make when compared to the quantity of materials that are required to make the king-sized beds. You should therefore opt for a queen-sized bed in case your budget is constrained by the numerous items that you need to buy for your new home.

As you can see, queen-sized beds have several advantages over king-sized beds. However, you need to exercise caution when you go shopping for the queen-sized bed. This is because some features, such the dimensions of those beds, may vary from one manufacturer to another. It may therefore be necessary for you to take the measurements of your bedroom so that you compare them to the actual dimensions of the bed that you select. This will save you from buying a bed that will make your bedroom to look congested.

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Upgrading our curtains

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