Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Maintaining Light Control Without Curtains

by Felecia Banks

Although they are a practical means of controlling the light flow into your home, curtains are not exactly original choices for your windows. They are seen in nearly all Australian homes and can be a bit boring, no matter what the rest of your interior decoration looks like. Furthermore, drawing curtains means only being able to control the amount of light that enters your home with a horizontal adjustment. If the sun is low or high in the sky, then your curtains don't really offer a lot of help. You can only move them from left to right and vice versa.

However, there are some really good choices for better light control which also look contemporary in any sort of home design. Let's examine a few of these in greater detail.

Light Controlling Glazing

Usually sold in double and treble-glazing units, light control glazing filters out the sun's rays in the glass itself. Therefore, you do not require any other form of window treatment. Often seen in offices, light controlling glazing is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking for something a bit different. Some units will work like polarising sunglasses and gradually become more and more tinted with the intensity of the sunlight that is shining. On the other hand, certain other products can be switched on and off as you desire with a simple flick of the switch. This makes them ideal for controlling heat build-up in the home and for offering privacy.

Screens for Privacy

Privacy screens are another good choice for people who want to control the amount that the sun can enter the home as well as providing a good degree of protection from prying eyes. Screens of this type are able to sit on the inside of your home's panes but won't necessarily block all of the natural light when they are in use. Therefore, you can use them to regulate the heat that comes from the Australian sun while still allowing sufficient light in to see what you are doing. Many are fitted with adjustable louvres which allow you to control the light flow with a high degree of finesse.

Internal Shutters

When they are fitted externally on a property, many shutters don't do anything better than a pair of curtains would. They are, in short, either open or closed. However, indoor shutters – commonly referred to as plantation shutters – are able to be installed in a way that allows you to play with the angle of their louvres. Need more light? Simply twist the controller to allow more sunlight in without compromising on your privacy.


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Upgrading our curtains

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