Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Is a Small, Walk-Behind Mower a Good Choice for Your Lawn?

by Felecia Banks

Commercial-quality mowers are becoming very popular for homeowners today, as homeowners are realizing the ease and convenience they offer with a wide cutting deck and powerful motor. They're also more affordable than ever before. However, a small, walk-behind mower can still be a good choice for your lawn, depending on its size and the type of grass growing on your property. Note a few considerations about a small, walk-behind mower so you know if it's the better choice for you.

Tight spaces

If you have a small lawn with lots of tight spaces, you may need the added control and the smaller size of a walk-behind mower. This can allow you to easily work around landscaping features or squeeze the mower between a tree and the garage or another outbuilding. If you opted for an oversized mower to cut a small lawn with lots of obstructions, you may wind up needing to go back and cut many of those cramped areas with a weed trimmer. It may actually be faster to mow the lawn with a smaller mower that you can easily fit between such obstructions instead of using a larger mower that wouldn't be able to reach all those tight spaces.

Condition of the grass

Wet grass is very heavy and difficult to cut and may require a heavy-duty mower. However, dry grass is somewhat easy to cut, and a lightweight mower might be able to mow it without concern. Note the standard condition of the grass on your property; if you live in an area with lots of sunlight, the grass may be very dry and easy to manage. In your case, you wouldn't need to spend the money on a mower with a heavier engine and larger blades, and which is meant for thick, wet grass.


If your property is very hilly or has lots of small peaks and valleys, you might wonder if a larger, riding mower would be your safest option. If the mower were to become off-balanced or start to roll down the hill, you might tip out of the seat or lose control over it. This can be very unsafe and even deadly. Professional landscapers may know how to properly control a larger, heavier mower when it's being used over uneven ground, but you might reconsider such a mower and choose a small, lightweight model that you walk behind for added safety.

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Upgrading our curtains

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