Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

  • Why You Need a Custom-Built Walk-In Wardrobe for Your Home

    A wardrobe is an essential part of a bedroom and it plays a big part in keeping your clothes and accessories organized. Most people have a regular wardrobe, but if you want to take your storage space to the next level, it's time to consider a custom-built walk-in wardrobe. Walk-in wardrobes are more spacious and provide you with ample room for all of your belongings. Not to mention, a custom-built walk-in wardrobe will add value to your home.

  • Considerations When Choosing Tiles For Your Bathroom Renovation

    Tiles are an essential part of a bathroom. They form a barrier that doesn't allow water to seep through and damage the walls and floors. Plus, they dress up the room in beautiful colours and textures. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing tiles for your renovation. Material You need to think about what material to use for the tiling. Do you want ceramic, porcelain or natural stone?

  • 4 Reasons to Choose Sheep's Wool Roof Insulation for Your Home

    There are plenty of options from which to choose when you need to add insulation to your roof or replace what's already there. Each one comes with its own pros and cons, but one option that many homeowners fail to consider is sheep's wool. It's easy to assume that natural materials won't perform as well as artificial ones, but this isn't actually the case. In fact, here are just four reasons why sheep's wool is a great option for roof insulation.

  • Why You Should Incorporate Retractable Screens in Your Patio Design

    If you are building a patio, you may feel that being open to the elements isn't always an advantage — but closing it off with walls and doors defeats the purpose of having an outdoor space. Retractable screens can provide the answer to this dilemma. As they can be opened and closed by remote control, you can choose whether to have your patio open or screened off. There are many advantages to this type of screen.

  • Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Rent Your Storage Unit

    Looking for self-storage solutions for your home? Whether you are de-cluttering, renovating, or relocating, life's changes do not always happen with clock-like regularity. Consequently, you may find yourself needing temporary storage space for some or all of your valuable belongings.  Self-storage facilities exist to meet this demand. These businesses rent out storage units to people and businesses that need quick access to storage space. Unfortunately, not all self-storage facilities are created equal, meaning careful consideration is necessary to find one that suits your needs and situation.

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Upgrading our curtains

We have just bought a new house, and the guy who lived here before us smoked in the house for close to 40 years. The first thing I knew we had to change as soon as we moved in was the curtains, because I can't bear the smell of stale smoke. I looked around at a few different options and settled on some beautiful cream curtains with a delicate pattern and a blackout backing so that the dawn doesn't wake me each morning. This blog explains some different stylish options for window coverings for your home, including curtains and blinds.