Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

  • Tips to Prolonging the Life of Your Persian Rug

    When some people consider Persian rugs, the first thing that comes to mind is carpets that require careful handling. The truth of the matter, though, is that Persian rugs can be quite durable if maintained properly. You do not have to treat your Persian rug like fine china to keep it pristine and attractive. However, neglecting your Persian rug could lead to it deteriorating before its time. The following are some of the maintenance tips that you could use to prolong the longevity of your Persian rug.

  • Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Patio's Permeable Pavers

    Permeable pavers are a good flooring option for patios, especially for people who want flooring that has good drainage. To preserve the benefits of permeable pavers, it's important that you maintain their durability and efficiency by observing the recommended maintenance practices. Below are essential maintenance tips for permeable pavers that will come in handy in maintaining your patio's permeable pavers. Protect the Ridges Make sure you keep the ridges or joints in between your permeable pavers clean by removing any dirt from the surface of the pavers.

  • Wood Or Faux Wood Blinds? 3 Observations Before Making Your Final Buying Evaluation

    If you're in the market to buy blinds for your home, then wood or faux wood blinds are ideal because of their ability to match any decorative style in your home. While deciding between faux wood and wood is a matter of personal taste, certain external factors may influence your decision. This guide is designed to help you with certain considerations before making your final buying evaluation between wood and faux wood blinds.

  • Installing blinds in your skylight

    If you are having skylights installed to help increase the natural light in your home, it can also be worth considering getting blinds installed at the same time. Here are some reasons that blinds can help make your skylight a comfortable addition to the house.  Not waking at sunrise While natural light is great, many people sleep best when there is very little light. If you like to sleep in, you might like to shut the skylight at night as you go to bed and open it in the morning after you have woken.

  • Three Steps To Preventing Mould Growth In Your Bathroom

    When you purchase a home that is not brand new, you are inheriting other people's design flaws. Inadequate thought given to the layout of a bathroom could be hiding a silent killer -- black mould! Black mould loves the damp warmth of a bathroom, and can lead tomedical issues ranging from difficulties breathing to skin allergies. You can keep black mould at bay by making three small changes to your bathroom design, and these will protect the health of your family.

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    Upgrading our curtains

    We have just bought a new house, and the guy who lived here before us smoked in the house for close to 40 years. The first thing I knew we had to change as soon as we moved in was the curtains, because I can't bear the smell of stale smoke. I looked around at a few different options and settled on some beautiful cream curtains with a delicate pattern and a blackout backing so that the dawn doesn't wake me each morning. This blog explains some different stylish options for window coverings for your home, including curtains and blinds.