Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

The Three Most Vibrant Winter Flowers You Can Find At Your Florist

by Felecia Banks

As winter approaches, most people put away the bulk of their gardening tools, and many people assume that is mostly it — as far as what they have to do for their garden — until spring starts to encourage plant growth once again. However, that is only partly the case when it comes to flowers. While summer varieties do become rarer during this time period, there are a bunch of winter flowers that are just as beautiful and appropriate for every occasion at your local florist. Here are three of the best winter flowers that you should be able to find with relative ease at any of the nearby florist's shops that you happen to visit.


Tulips are a very famous flower that many people do not realise actually prefers the colder climate of winter. These bulbs are absolutely stunning and come in a variety of colours that can match almost any event you are planning. They also make great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and dinner parties due to their abundance and elegant look. When paired with other winter flowers in a neat bouquet, tulips almost become a sort of winter rose type figure. An essential flower to remember for winter no matter where you are or what your favourite colour is!


Wintersweet flowers are a bit more rare but just as beautiful as any of their more famous counterparts. They have a small head with beautiful, rich yellows and tender little petals. As part of a larger display, a wintersweet makes a very unique choice, and best of all, they flourish in winter. They also are often used in Asian-themed bouquets because of their origin, stemming from China. If you can find a florist that stocks wintersweets, then you absolutely must go in and at least have a look at them. They are a very unique and fun option in what can otherwise be slim winter pickings.


Hyacinths are an interesting option because although they do not naturally bloom in winter, they can be tricked into doing so through modern tools and practices. That is why you will often see hyacinths at many flower shops throughout winter when the more picky plants will not bloom. The long, natural head of flowers is quite different from most of the other flowers on display, and they can often form the focal point of whatever event you are going to. Just make sure to check that your local florist has them in stock before planning around them! 

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Upgrading our curtains

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