Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

A Guide to Buying the Right Modular Sofa

by Felecia Banks

While moving to your apartment means that you will enjoy more freedom, you have to make crucial financial decisions, such as a sound investment in furniture. Besides, a sofa is the most prominent item in a house because of its size and functionality. Therefore, you must buy couches that stand the test of time. Although there are different designs to choose from, modular sofas are arguably the best option. Their adaptability allows you to use the seats from one apartment to another, regardless of room size and layout. However, you need a guide to help you purchase the right modular sofa, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Frame Size

The size of your apartment dictates the frame size of a modular sofa. Most apartment dwellers have a misconception that since most of the modular sofas they see in marketing materials are bulky, they are not ideal for smaller apartments. However, nothing could be further from the truth because sofa designers and manufacturers cater to all customers. Therefore, it is easy to find modular sofas with a slim industrial look. The slender frame allows you to fit a modular sofa as close to a wall as possible, which saves space. Most importantly, ensure that a frame is firm even if it is slim. On the other hand, a bulky and thick modular sofa works fine in a spacious apartment. 

Sofa Weight

The best part about buying a modular sofa for your new apartment is that you can change the arrangement however and whenever you wish. You do not get that level of freedom with other sofa designs. However, if you are the type that prefers to change a furniture layout every few days, then you need light couches. It is easy to move lightweight modular sofas, especially if you have guests around and wish to create different sections. Additionally, light sofas eliminate the need to drag the pieces across a room, preventing straining the floor and sofa legs. 

Preferred Use

Different apartment dwellers buy modular sofas for various reasons. For instance, some people purchase couches for lounging and watching the television. Others need modular sofas since they love hosting friends during weekends. Therefore, your preferred layout should determine which type of modular sofa to buy. For example, if you only want a modular sofa to sit directly in front of your television, a simple two-seater is enough. However, if you receive guests often, you should go for a three-seater with an ottoman, which acts as an extra seat or bench.

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Upgrading our curtains

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