Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

5 Benefits of Installing Interior Window Shutters

by Felecia Banks

Are you considering a change in your window treatments? If you're looking to add versatility, beauty and energy efficiency, it's time to consider interior window shutters for your home. When it comes to dressing your windows, many people think of blinds or curtains. However, window shutters provide a unique, attractive alternative.

They have many practical advantages. Here are 5 practical advantages of installing interior shutters to your windows. 

They Add Privacy

If you have windows facing the street or other houses, interior shutters can help keep prying eyes at bay, without blocking out the sunlight. You can simply open the panels or louvres at an angle that allows the sun to stream in and still maintain privacy. 

Energy Efficient

If you fit your windows with shutters, you can reduce your home's energy costs. Interior shutters can protect you from the sun's heat and also from the cold and wind in winter. During hot days, simply open your windows and then adjust the shutters to allow a cool breeze to stream in and deflect any scorching rays of the sun. 

On cold days, however, you can shut the shutters tightly to help trap the warm air inside. Closed shutters also offer a high level of sound insulation by muting and blocking outside noises. 

Light Control

Interior shutters are installed against the window frame, including all four corners. This location reduces the amount of light that may make its way into the room along the sides of curtains or blinds. This allows the homeowner to be in complete control of the amount of light that enters a room.

You'll not need to worry about glare hitting the television screen as you watch a movie during the day. Simply adjust your shutters and partially open them to allow just the amount of light you want. This not only allows you to create the ambience you want in a room, but it also helps save on lighting costs. 

UV Protection

Interior shutters provide you with a layer of UV protection. Since you can adjust the louvres, you can direct the rays of the direct sun away from your flooring and furniture. This will prolong the life of your furniture and prevent the patterns from fading.

Many shutters are finished with a layer of UV protection, which helps protect the wood stain finish and paint and prevent wood panels from warping. 

Low Maintenance

Blinds and curtains easily attract dirt. Keeping fabrics clean can be a bit of a hassle. However, shutters are an excellent option for people with allergies, since they are quite easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them down occasionally with a damp cloth. Since they're constantly moving, you won't have any issues with dirt and dust build-up. If you're going for a fresh look, it's easy to repaint the interior shutters in a different colour.

Shutters are a stylish and unique window treatment that add to the quiet beauty of every room. 


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Upgrading our curtains

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