Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Why You Should Move Home on a Weekday

by Felecia Banks

There's some logic involved in choosing the most efficient (and easiest) day to move house. Even the most straightforward moves require a fair amount of work, so it can be a case of minimising the potential for any extra stress that can easily pop up. 

The Weekend

Obviously, most people will want to move house on the weekend. You don't have to work, the kids don't have to go to school and everyone is there to help. But you should sidestep this traditionally busy period if you can.

A Weekday

Apply for a personal day from work as soon as you know the timeframe of the move. A weekday move makes it more likely that you will be able to get your first choice of house removals companies too, and you can avoid any weekend or public holiday surcharges. Be sure to check that your chosen personal day doesn't fall on a public holiday. Book the moving company as soon as you know the precise date, and in a best-case scenario, you will be able to do this several months ahead of time. 

The Best Times

The moving truck should arrive and be loaded early in the day but not so early that it sets off on the road before rush hour traffic has wound up for the morning. Peak traffic times can vary, but you're looking at a morning period of 7 am to 9:30 am, and an afternoon peak time of 3:30 pm to 7 pm. The moving truck's best window of opportunity is to leave after this morning peak time and to arrive before the afternoon rush hour. This might not always be logistically possible depending on the distance to be travelled, but avoiding peak times is to avoid a potential headache.

Your Kids

You and your partner will have ideally taken a weekday off to move, but your kids will still need to go to school unless they happen to be on holiday. Older children can be picked up and taken to their new home after school, so they can help with unpacking. Younger children will want to help, but their presence can be counterproductive. Consider asking a friend or family member to pick them up and then look after them for a few hours.

The trick is to plan ahead and make the necessary arrangements that allow you to move on a weekday. And then by the time the weekend rolls around, you'll actually be settled in your lovely new home. Look for professionals who provide house removals for more information. 


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Upgrading our curtains

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