Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Are Bespoke Furniture Makers Worth It?

by Felecia Banks

If you purchase standard items of furniture for your home, then you will often end up with perfectly acceptable pieces which will serve you very well. However, factory-made items may not always be exactly what you are looking for. This is where bespoke furniture can make such a difference to a home, of course. You might think that turning to professional cabinet makers to come up with bespoke items of furniture is only for the super-rich. However, you are likely to be surprised at just how cost-effective cabinet makers can be, especially when you consider all of the additional benefits that the pieces afford. Why might you consider a bespoke item or two for your home?

Complete Individuality

When you order a bespoke wardrobe, kitchen unit or dresser from a cabinet maker, you can get exactly what you want without making the sort of compromises you often need to with mass-produced furniture. For example, if you want a chest of drawers for your bedroom that fills up all of the available space you have between your bed and the wall, then you can specify the exact dimensions. Equally, if you would like a kitchen cupboard that will go from the floor to the ceiling to maximise your storage space, then you can have this built for you. By definition, bespoke items of furniture are individual and that means they're suiting your lifestyle better.

Longer Lasting Items

When you buy furniture that has been put together in a factory, you don't know what kind of quality it will be. Conversely, cabinet makers all over the country pride themselves on precise craftsmanship that will mean your pieces last a great deal longer than standard ones. For example, proper joinery is often used for bespoke pieces rather than dowel joints and screws. This means you can expect to pass down a bespoke item of furniture as an heirloom. Due to the fact that they are so long-lasting, your one will probably outlive you!

A Talking Point

Not everyone has bespoke furniture in their home even though they can probably afford to do so. When you invest in one or more tailor-made items for your home, you will have something that no-one else on the planet possesses, especially if you alter your chosen design to individualise it. This means you will have something that makes you the envy of your friends and neighbours — a good way to be the centre of attention. 

Speak with cabinet makers about the kinds of furniture you'd like for your home and kitchen. 


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Upgrading our curtains

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