Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Liven Your Outdoor Space with These Patio Awnings

by Felecia Banks

Patios are a great addition to the living space around your house. They usually come in handy when you have many visitors around the house and the interior gets a little uncomfortable for you. Rather than having the flat paving lying bare and exposed to weather elements, you can get an outdoor awning to create some shed and guarantee comfort when hanging out outdoors. Ideally, an understanding of the various kinds of awnings, their advantages and drawbacks, will help you select one that suits your specific patio. Here is a look at the outdoor awnings that the market offers for your patio:

  • Semi-cassette Outdoor Awning

Semi-cassette awnings vary slightly from full cassette awnings. They are mainly made up of a head box and arms. The head box has a semi-cover that gives it an amazing outlook to match various wall and roof designs. To add on that, the fabrics and arms of the semi-cassette awning can only be seen when a person is standing right underneath the awning. This adds to the aesthetic appeal because the semi-cassette does not look imposing on the particular section that you have installed it.

Some of the top benefits of a semi-cassette awning is the ability to use motorised control and flexibility in terms of placing its mounting brackets. On the other hand, visible fabrics and arms are a disadvantage for you if you prefer to have them out of sight.

  • Full Cassette Outdoor Awning

A full cassette awning differs from its semi-cassette counterpart in the sense that the bottom bar and the head box enclose it fully whenever you retract the awning. The head box covers a host of the internal components like the arms and motor. This results in a unique design where most, if not all, of the internal components are hidden by the head box upon retracting. To add on that, the full cassette awning is suitable for multiple uses. Besides the patio, you can use it on caravans and motorhomes when going for vacations. They offer an incredible aerodynamic design.

  • Standard Folding Arm Outdoor Awning

The standard folding arm awning comes without a head box. Instead, manufacturers equip it with several retractable fabrics, arms, cross bars and tubes. The design is pretty simple and economical, making them ideal for those who don't want to spend much. Additionally, you can motorise the controls of the awning for ease of operation. The only downside is that you can see most of the components when the awning is fully retracted.

Keep this information in mind next time you check out awnings from brands like Somfy.


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Upgrading our curtains

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