Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Commercial Fire Extinguisher: Three Important Considerations for Device Inspection

by Felecia Banks

Extinguishers are crucial components in commercial fire protection and safety. These are useful devices for controlling active fires, particularly those that are localised and relatively small. Typically, the presence of the extinguisher will help in preventing the escalation of fire incidences in your business space. Consequently, your employees will be more secure against injury, and your assets will be protected from damage. There are different factors which you must consider with regard to fire extinguishers as part of your protection plan for your operation. One of the most critical is inspection to ensure that the device is in good condition and will perform as expected in an emergency. Here are some guidelines to help you perform the assessment of your commercial fire extinguishers.

Accessibility of the Device

The placement of the fire extinguisher in your commercial space can affect its usefulness during a fire. Therefore, you must assess its accessibility during your regular inspection. Ideally, the device should be a position where every individual can access it without strain or requiring extra elevation. It is also advisable to have the extinguisher close to areas in which a fire is likely to occur, such as in proximity to high-power equipment. In addition, you must ensure that the fire protection device is not obstructed by decorative items, trash cans, coats and general equipment.

Physical Damage

Fire extinguishers are designed and built to withstand harsh conditions and provide prolonged service. However, they can sustain damage due to mechanical impact, tampering or even environmental conditions. Check the external structure for dents or signs of abuse and accidents. This could mean that the device will not be functional in case of an emergency. You should also check the tamper seal as well as the pull pin and make certain that these are not broken or missing. There should be no leaks from the container or clogging from the nozzle. If you notice these issues, contact a specialist for further assessment and resolution.

Extinguisher Pressure

The pressure of the fire extinguisher will determine the efficiency of content release and, subsequently, the effectiveness in dealing with fire. Therefore, you should check on this aspect regularly and take note of changes. Most devices have a pressure gauge as part of the extinguisher. Ideally, the pressure should never be too low or too high, so there is a green medium zone indicated on the gauge. The needle should be within this range for optimal performance. If there is no pressure gauge, contact specialist fire extinguisher technicians for guidance on this assessment.

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Upgrading our curtains

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