Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

4 Problems Faced When Carrying Grass Clippings in Your Car That Can Be Solved by Renting a Bin

by Felecia Banks

After giving the lawn a good trim, most people will take the bag of clippings, put it in the cargo area of their car and then transport it themselves to a local refuse centre. However, there are several problems that come along with using your car, so it's actually far better to do bin hire and rent a special bin in which to deposit your garden waste. That bin can then be transported away for you once it has been filled.

Here are just four problems you could face by carrying grass clippings in your car that could be solved by hiring a bin.

1. It Will Aggravate Allergies

If you know anybody who suffers from allergies, or if you suffer from them yourself, you'll understand just how aggravating grass cuttings can be. When grass is cut up, a lot of pollen is released, and that pollen will stick around in your car, circulating through the air conditioning system and becoming embedded in seat cushions. This will aggravate allergies, particularly hay fever, as well as asthma.

2. It Can Be Messy

In a perfect world, bags would never split and people would never trip. Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect, and it's very easy to accidentally tip a carrier over or fail to notice a small hole. The result will be grass clippings all across your car's cargo area. It will take quite a long time to get rid of every last blade; in fact, you'll probably be finding random blades for weeks to come.

3. It Can Contain Creepy Crawlies

When you throw a bag full of grass clippings into the back of your car, it's very unlikely that grass clippings will be all that you end up transporting. Along with the odd twig and pebble, you'll often find that renegade insects and spiders are hopping a ride. It could be that they will stay in the bag, but they might also crawl out to find the darkest, warmest parts of your car's interior. Even if creepy crawlies don't give you the chills, you probably don't want them as passengers, especially since they could lay eggs to make the situation a whole lot worse.

4. It Can Leave an Odour

There are far worse smells out there than freshly cut grass, but most drivers would still probably rather have their car smelling a different kind of fresh. The aroma of grass cuttings can actually be quite overwhelming, and any other organic matter caught up in the carrier can produce a very unpleasant odour. In any case, it will be at least a day or two until your car is back to smelling the way it should.


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Upgrading our curtains

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