Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Don't Purchase a New Home Without Performing an HVAC System Inspection

by Felecia Banks

Home inspections are essential before finalizing a purchase of the new property. Besides ensuring that everything is in good condition as indicated by the seller, home inspections are meant to unearth any faults in the home's systems. However, not many inspectors offer detailed inspection the home's systems. HVAC repairs can be costly, and the last thing you need is to move into a new home with a dysfunctional system. Organizing for HVAC inspections from your independent inspector can reveal the condition and performance of the system and save you from incurring repair costs in the future.

Home inspections don't cover HVAC

Most home buyers believe that the HVAC system in their potential home is functional and in good condition because the inspection report indicates so. However, these inspections are often shallow, and they may not include a detailed analysis of critical parts of the system such as vents, ducts, condenser unit, evaporator coil, heat exchanger and thermostats. Also, the inspector may not have the necessary equipment to make accurate judgements regarding the condition of the system. Just because the system is working doesn't necessarily mean that the parts have been properly maintained.

Some home inspectors may overlook inspection of the heating system during summer or the air conditioning unit during the winter. This is because testing the heating unit when the temperatures are high or the AC when they are low may put pressure on the system and cause it to fail. Independent HVAC inspections will give you the peace of mind as you move into your new home.

Choose an independent inspector

When organizing for HVAC inspection, you need to choose an unbiased contractor for the work. As such, avoid recommendations from the seller or their real estate agent as the contractor may present a shallow or biased report in a bid to get you to purchase the house. Remember, once you sign the purchase contract, you may not be able to hold the seller liable for any defects with your HVAC system. Compare various HVAC contractors based on their experience, expertise and inspection equipment available before settling for the best one.

Don't purchase before repairs

Once an HVAC inspection has been carried out, make sure that any issues are addressed before you finalize the purchase. The seller should either facilitate the repairs or offer a lower price for the house so that you can pay for the repairs yourself. If they choose the latter, make sure that the system is inspected again after repairs. You can have this done during the final home inspection that's carried out before the closing date.

Contact a professional HVAC contractor like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse for inspection of your potential home's HVAC system so that you can save on energy bills and repairs.


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Upgrading our curtains

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