Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Options to Consider When Changing Your Kitchen Design

by Felecia Banks

If you have become bored with your kitchen's appearance, or perhaps have moved into an older home with an outdated kitchen design, it may be time to consider kitchen renovations. A misconception some people have is that kitchen remodels are an expensive affair. The truth is, by focusing on updating just a few elements in the kitchen, you can come up with an entirely new kitchen design without breaking the bank. The trick to doing this is establishing the areas that you would like to change and concentrating on renovating those areas to spruce up the overall appearance of your kitchen. The following are some of the options that you can consider when changing the design of your kitchen.

Install a kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the most versatile additions that you can consider for your kitchen. This type of space can be primarily used as a food preparation area. This, in turn, will free up additional counter space, which you can use to store appliances. Once food preparation is complete, the island can then double up as an eating area. Adding a couple of chairs around it can transform it into a makeshift table in your kitchen, making it a convenient place to gather with friends or loved ones.

It should be noted though that islands work best in kitchens that have a significant amount of space. If you think your kitchen may be too small, you may consider taking out the counters in your kitchen to create space for your island. Having an island in the middle of the kitchen rather than counters popping out of the perimeter of the walls could also make your kitchen look bigger than it is.

Install track lighting

Another way you can change the design of your kitchen is by foregoing conventional lighting for track lighting. As the name suggests, this type of lighting in installed on special tracks at designated places in your kitchen. For instance, if you would like additional illumination over your stovetop, then you could have the track lighting installed above it. With track lighting, you can choose to light up individual areas of your kitchen or switch on all the lighting simultaneously.

Track lighting is also a great way to create atmosphere in your kitchen. Your choice of lighting colours, as well as light intensity, can set the mood in your kitchen according to what you would like. This lighting can give your kitchen a distinctly modern look and feel.


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Upgrading our curtains

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