Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

How to create a rustic look in a modern property

by Felecia Banks

It's easy to see why charming old cottages and cabins are so popular amongst home-buyers. Many people love the vintage aesthetic and inviting ambience that these properties tend to have;  features like exposed beams, open fireplaces and stone walls all help to create a wonderfully cosy, old-world atmosphere. However, character properties often come with a very high price-tag. If you can't afford to buy this type of house and would like to create a rustic vibe in your current modern property, here are some tips on how to achieve this look.

Combine different types of natural materials

In a contemporary home,  you're likely to find colour-coordinated decorative schemes and modern finishes like chrome and plastic.  When a house of this kind is being designed, the goal is often to create a space in which everything matches and is in perfect condition.  Older, rustic homes on the other hand, typically feature a combination of natural materials which, although they might complement each other, do not match perfectly. The furniture and decorative items also tend to have a distressed, worn-in look.

This mixture of natural materials and imperfect decor creates a warm, welcoming ambience. As such, when planning the redesign of your home, look for items made from materials like wood (reclaimed is best, as it has an aged appearance) stone, copper, ceramic and cast-iron, and don't be afraid to use a combination of several of them in one room.  You could for example, have a kitchen island with a base of layered bricks and a countertop made from a thick slab of oak. You could also try using a variety of multi-coloured ceramic handles and knobs on the cabinetry and internal doors.

Add one or two character-property features

You don't have to renovate your entire home to give it that old-world appearance; by adding just one or two new design features to your existing house, you can easily recreate the look of a more characterful property without spending a fortune, or having to endure months of renovation work.

For instance, adding some traditional external shutters made from high-quality wood to the outside of your property's windows, is a very effective way to quickly add a rustic touch to an otherwise generic-looking house.

Another option is to replace the external doors of your home with solid-wood, distressed ones, much like those found in old cottages and log cabins.  Make sure that the hardware on these new doors is also in keeping with the aesthetic you want to achieve; brass or cast-iron are both good choices. 


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Upgrading our curtains

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