Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Getting Back into the Kitchen: How to Renovate Your Kitchen to Relieve Back Pain

by Felecia Banks

Cooking can be a real struggle when you have a bad back. From bending down to get that saucepan from the cupboard to stretching up to reach the top shelf of the spice rack, there are a whole series of stresses and strains lurking in your kitchen. However, help is at hand, since just a few alterations could make a world of difference. If you are renovating, follow these simple steps for a back friendly cooking space. 

High heat 

Bending down to open and close the oven is a major cause of back strain in the kitchen. Alleviate this problem by installing a wall mounted oven at the correct height for you. No more awkward bending—you can open and close your oven door from a comfortable standing position. 

Counter measures 

Depending on your height, the standard counter top may be too high or too low for you, leaving you stretching and straining to use it properly. Measure up and consult your kitchen supplier about the possibility of adjustable or bespoke height countertops. 

Wall Space

Put your kitchen walls to work. Hooks are a perfect way to store pans, utensils or even chopping boards in a way that is easily accessible. No more bending down to poke around cupboards. Strong wall hooks are an effective but inexpensive addition to any kitchen; you can pick some up from your local hardware store and put them in place tomorrow! 

The drawers of perception 

Drawers are the future for kitchens. New kitchens use drawers to store a range of things from frying pans to flour, and plates to potatoes. Install some good deep drawer sets and think carefully about the height of your drawers to allow yourself easy access to all you need with minimal bending. 

Get organised

If you aren't planning on a large scale renovation, how about having a good sort out?  Go through your cupboards and drawers and make sure they are arranged so that the most frequently used items are the most accessible. There's no use having the washing up liquid in the cupboard under the sink and the Christmas cake tin in the front of the cupboard. Often simply rationalising your existing kitchen space can be a good place to start when tackling the practical problems of cooking with back pain. 

Contact a kitchen renovation company and suggest these simple modifications to greatly reduce back pain and discomfort when using your kitchen.


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Upgrading our curtains

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