Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Patio's Permeable Pavers

by Felecia Banks

Permeable pavers are a good flooring option for patios, especially for people who want flooring that has good drainage. To preserve the benefits of permeable pavers, it's important that you maintain their durability and efficiency by observing the recommended maintenance practices. Below are essential maintenance tips for permeable pavers that will come in handy in maintaining your patio's permeable pavers.

Protect the Ridges

Make sure you keep the ridges or joints in between your permeable pavers clean by removing any dirt from the surface of the pavers. Dirt that remains on the surface will easily find its way into the ridges.  Leaves, debris and soil are among the top culprits that get into the ridges and clog the drainage system of your permeable pavers.

You should sweep your pavers with a sweeper for pavers every three months. However, if your pavers accumulate dirt fast, you can opt to sweep more often. Ensure that you sweep your pavers correctly; you can learn how to sweep pavers from a permeable paver professional. The correct technique of sweeping pavers ensures that dirt is not pushed into the ridges accidentally, as you sweep.

Clean Out Mildew

It's advisable to remove molds that grow on the pavers. Accumulation of molds on the pavers may clog the drainage system of your permeable pavers and discolor the pavers. Consult a professional and get the right and recommended detergent for cleaning out molds on permeable pavers.

Mildew is prevalent in shaded and damp areas. So make sure your patio is not damp and also allow enough light to get to the patio. For instance, you can ensure that the drainage system around the patio drains water away from the patio to prevent flooding and water lodging. Also, if the roofing of your patio is opaque, you can change the roofing to one made of glass so as to light up the patio and allow direct sunlight to pass through.

Seal Permeable Pavers

Sealing permeable pavers is essential as it helps maintain the permeability of the pavers and drainage in your patio. Sealing involves application of a sealant that fills up the ridges of the permeable pavers. As a result, leaves, soil and debris that get to the surface of the pavement are kept from getting into the ridges and clogging the drainage system of your pavers.

Also, make sure you clean your pavers thoroughly before applying the sealant. Cleaning your pavers before sealing removes any dirt present in the spaces and on the surface of your pavers. Therefore, dirt will not get trapped in the ridges in the process of applying the sealant.

Following the recommended maintenance practices for permeable pavers will prolong their durability and aesthetic appeal. You can use the aforementioned maintenance tips to keep your patio's pavers in good shape.


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Upgrading our curtains

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