Upgrading our curtains

Upgrading our curtains

Three Steps To Preventing Mould Growth In Your Bathroom

by Felecia Banks

When you purchase a home that is not brand new, you are inheriting other people's design flaws. Inadequate thought given to the layout of a bathroom could be hiding a silent killer -- black mould! Black mould loves the damp warmth of a bathroom, and can lead to medical issues ranging from difficulties breathing to skin allergies. You can keep black mould at bay by making three small changes to your bathroom design, and these will protect the health of your family.

Shower Screens

The problem with traditional shower screens is the steel frame that surrounds each piece of glass. Over time, this steel frame traps both water and soap scum, and it does not take long for mould to begin growing here.

The good news is that the black mould growing around your shower frame is not the toxic variety, as the toxic strain requires cellulose to feed it. The cellulose is predominantly found in the wall coverings of your bathroom, rather than the glass shower screens. The bad news is that the mould spores you see can still enter the air and affect the breathing of your family members, particularly the young and old.

One of the fastest ways to remove mould growing in your shower is to remove the existing screens, and replace them with frameless ones. These glass screens are thicker than framed shower screens, and this makes them sturdier. They are anchored into place using small stainless steel brackets instead of frames, meaning there are no places that mould can grow.

Ventilation Fans

Bathrooms that have been installed by unlicensed builders or electricians may not have ventilation fans installed within them. This is a bad problem to inherit because Australia Building Code regulations dictate that ventilation fans must be installed to collect steam from bathing and showering.

It is stated that the "regulation requires a fan capable of a minimum extraction capacity of 25 litres per second when installed." The size of your bathroom will determine what size ventilation fan will be needed to help meet this regulation.

You can purchase the ventilation fan from your local home hardware store. You can seek the advice of the store staff as to which size fan you require to adequately ventilate your bathroom. The installation of the fan must be performed by a licensed electrician, as it is illegal for anyone else to do this work for you.

Once the ventilation fan is in place, the steam from your shower will be ducted outside. This reduces the amount of condensation which is sitting on the walls of your bathroom, and reduces the humidity level of the room. Both these items lead to mould growth, and with them removed, the chances of mould will lessen.

Wall Covering

The wall covering that has been chosen for your bathroom could be the very thing that is encouraging mould to grow. Wallpaper, for example, provides the ideal conditions for mould growth. This is because moisture gets trapped behind the wallpaper. The moisture and the darkness behind it is a mould breeding ground waiting to happen.

If you choose to paint your walls, make sure that you use a mould remover to get rid of all existing traces. This mould remover can be purchased at a home hardware store. After that, you can apply both primer and specialist paints that are designed to be used in a bathroom. These contain additives that will prevent mould from growing.

Take a closer look at your bathroom to see what steps you need to take to stop black mould in its tracks. These three changes could make a big difference to the long term health of your family, and that is something that will make this renovation investment worthwhile.


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Upgrading our curtains

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